7.5″ x 14.5″, 64 page, softcover book.

Scratchings of a Madwoman

Rhonda Nass

Scratchings of a Madwoman will introduce readers and viewers to two seemingly disparate concepts—pursuit/discovery of spiritual intimacy and communicating through drawing. Through personal stories and colored pencil drawings I attempt to demystify words typically associated with religion (e.g. grace) which have at times made others feel as if they were outsiders uncomfortably looking in. The book encourages the reader to recollect his/her own story that similarly defines each word (e.g. fueled by my story of grace, the reader is reminded of times when he was loved and didn’t deserve it…thus his grace story is born; he takes ownership of the word and a past communication wall connected with spiritual thinking crumbles). My hope is that with the readers’ customized definitions of each highlighted word, readers will grow in relationship to God.

SCRATCHINGS… has two parts.
The first half of the book:


Scratchings of a Madwoman began over 15 years ago with persistent mental nudgings to do a book defining specific words often associated with religion. The first half of the book transforms these words that once made some people feel uncomfortable, as if listening to a foreign language they didn’t understand, to words personally relevant for all today.Through short personal stories and reflections, with accompanying colored pencil drawings, I’ve defined the words in terms of a practical life experience and a common image from everyday life. Grace below is an example of one of the book’s pages–one defined word.



Some pages don’t define the words through my stories, but instead are personal observations or metaphors for the words. Below is an observation of how the toy, Mr. Potato Head, could be a good metaphor for the Church or the body.




After the collection of defined words in the book’s first half and before the second half is a two page spread inviting you to redefine these words with your own stories, your own visuals. Your story of being loved when you didn’t deserve it will be far more meaningful to you than my story of grace.

And please don’t stop there. Please consider drawing your own visuals! Bringing to life an idea or feeling that originally comes from your head, heart and soul is an astonishing and gratifying experience. No one else can communicate to others what you can express through your own drawings. To make this creative expression possible for any of you who have not drawn before, and to pass on many tips for veteran artists, the second half of Scratchings of a Madwoman, is a step-by-step art technique guide which you can follow along page by page to complete a colored pencil drawing from concept through final art using a unique way of applying color to paper. The drawing process pages are loaded with photography and sketches for those who learn more effectively through visuals over the written or spoken word.


The second half of the book:


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