I was raised in a family where creativity was encouraged and where we could try new ways to express ourselves. My father was regularly redesigning or inventing tools he needed for his woodworking or other home projects he seemed to always be doing. I learned from him that one can experiment, both with tools but also with pencils, brushes and even musical instruments.

This concept of freedom to believe that trying something new is OK has been a constant for me in both two and three dimensional projects and has only strengthened over time.

After graduating with a fine art degree from the University of Wisconsin, I worked for several years as a graphic designer before striking out as a freelance illustrator.

I am still working commercially today doing work in the advertising and corporate worlds. I have found that over the years the majority of my commercial work is comprised of two completely different drawing styles and subjects…humorous caricature and clothing, both very realistic and more graphic. My chosen media has moved from colored pencils and paints applied with brush and/or airbrush to digital tools.

In a period of “involuntary downtime,” I experimented with creating my own brushes, pencils and drawing surfaces in Photoshop. I tried to replicate the look and feel of my traditionally drawn work and I found success matching the look. I am surprised to find that I prefer this technique over the traditional methods I had used for decades. Today, about 90% of my work is digital and I genuinely enjoy the new directions this medium has given me.

My wife/business partner, Rhonda and I recently opened a new chapter in our personal and creative lives as we moved to a home/studio alongside the Wisconsin River in Prairie du Sac, WI. It’s a wonderful new adventure in many ways…my life continues to be a life of change and discovery… I am truly blessed.


Partial Client List:

Warner Books
Oscar Mayer
Duluth Trading Co.
Land’s End
Field & Stream

American Lawyer
University of Wisconsin
Willis & Geiger
American Spectator
St. Martin’s Press
American Prospect
G. Heileman

Kimberly Clark
In Fisherman
Las Vegas Entertainment Network
UW Medical School
NASCAR Magazine
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
Sports Business Journal
Power & Motoryacht